The Gospel and Common Grace

On June 28th through the 30th, 2012, five Westminster faculty members (Drs. Richard Gaffin, Peter Lillback, Jeffrey Jue, David Garner, and Lane Tipton) traveled to Hong Kong to speak at a conference on "The Gospel and Common Grace."  They were joined by Stephen Tong and Stephen Tong Evangelical Ministries International (STEMI) for this three-day conference for pastors and lay leaders throughout Southern Asia. 

At this page, you will find all the plenary lectures that were given, both in English and in Mandarin, Chinese, as well as photos and comments from those who participated.  

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2012å¹´6月28-30日,五位威斯敏斯特神学院的教师(理查德·ä¼½èŠ¬åšå£«, 彼得·åˆ˜æŸå…‹åšå£«ï¼Œå‘¨é’§æƒåšå£«ï¼Œå¤§å«·åŠ çº³åšå£«ï¼Œä»¥åŠè“·ææ™®æ•¦åšå£«)在位于香港举办的「福音与普遍恩」神学会议上发表演说。他们与唐崇荣国际布道团一起主办这场为期三天,特为南亚地区牧师及教会领袖所举办的会议。



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Introduction by Dr. Jeffrey Jue:


Introduction to the Hong Kong Conference - Dr. Jeffrey K. Jue from Westminster Theological Seminary on Vimeo.

Dr. David B. Garner reflects on his time in Hong Kong:

The church leaders from China and Hong Kong are committed, courageous, and vital ministers of the gospel. They are also hungry, and came to the conference with a longing more fully to know the Lord Jesus Christ and him crucified. The onversations I had varied from deeply theological conversations to the practical application of theology in the workplace, in relationships, and in the context of persecution (and threats of persecution).

The blessing of speaking at such a conference is hard to articulate. Those in attendance come to the conference to be fed and encouraged in their faith. However, I found myself at this conference overwhelmingly blessed by their humility and faith, their extraordinary hospitality, and the encouragement they brought to my own faith in Christ.

The hosts made it clear that they hope to have us back on a regular basis. I would be delighted to go again and to serve the church of China in any way that I can.

大卫·åŠ çº³åšå£«å¯¹æœ¬æ¬¡é¦™æ¸¯ä¼šè®®çš„感言:

来自于中国与及香港的教会领袖都是很坚定、勇敢、重要的福音使者。他们也很饥渴,怀着一颗渴望能更多认识基督并他钉十字架的心来到这次的会议。我和他们之间的对话从深度的神学问题到神学实际应用在工作场合、人际关系、以及面对迫害(与面对迫害的威胁) 更种层面上都有。



Photo album of the conference:


Click here to see all nine lecture videos