Greek and Hebrew Languages

greek and hebrew Languages at WTs

Detailed information regarding Westminster’s Greek and Hebrew language tracks and placement exams is available in the catalog.

placement and Competency exams

Registration: Please use this online form to register.

2017-18 Exam Dates: 

  Summer Fall Spring Summer
On campus
Greek: 9:00 am,
Van Til, Room 4
Hebrew: 11:00 am,
Van Til, Room 5 

June 16, 2017 

(Th.M. only)

 August 31, 2017   Jan. 31, 2018   May 18, 2018 

Exams open: 8am (day one)
Exams close: 1pm (final day)

 June 10-16, 2017 

  (Th.M. only)


Taking the exams:

All Masters-level, PhD, and regular ThM program students are expected to take language exams on campus.

Modular ThM students who are working remotely may take the competency exam online on Canvas. Students who choose to take the online option will be required to find a proctor to oversee the exam. Please see Instructions for Students and the Instructions for Proctors for more information. 

Time Limit: 2 hours