The Teaching Churches Network

Like training in medicine, training in ministry requires on-the-ground experience and practice.

Churches in the Teaching Churches Network have committed to partnering with Westminster to prepare current students for ministry through mentoring relationships and opportunities to practice ministerial skills.

Whether your congregation already includes Westminster Seminary students, or whether you are interested in connecting with current students to offer training opportunities, we welcome your application to the Teaching Churches Network. A pastor or elder's willingness to invest time and energy mentoring a prospective pastor is the most important element of a church in the network, but a desire to participate in this process should also belong to the congregation as a whole. Churches in the network should be committed to working with students to prepare them for the practical requirements toward ordination in their denomination.

With the approval of the appropriate decision-making body (session, congregation, etc.), we encourage you to fill out the  Application for the Teaching Churches Network online. We will contact you to discuss mentoring opportunities afterward!