Terms of Use

Terms of Use

All images are owned by the SaRang Korean Missions Center at Westminster Theological Seminary and may not be used without permission. To request the rights to use an image please follow the instructions below or contact

How to Request an Image
As you browse our archive you will see a feature called "lightbox." The lightbox can be used to collect images.

1. When you find an image that you would like permission to use, click on the lightbox feature below the image. This adds the image to the lightbox like a shopping cart.

2. When you are ready to send your permission request, click on the button on the right, above the photo, which is also labeled "lightbox." This will take you to the lightbox.

3. Click "email" and a form will pop up (you may need to temporarily turn off all pop-up blockers).

4. Fill out the form with your contact information. If you are requesting permission to use an image, be sure the email address in the "recipient" box is Please include your contact information as well. You may also send the lightbox to others by entering their email addresses in the recipient box instead.

5. Someone from the SaRang Korean Missions Center will contact you shortly. If your permission request is granted, we will provide a high-resolution file of the image (if necessary) to ensure print quality.