Augustus Lopes, '95, is chancellor of Mackenzie Presbyterian University in Brazil. Many of his colleagues believe "academy" and "faith" should be kept separate, he says, but "in the Reformed worldview, Christ is Lord of every inch of this world, university included!" Read his profile to learn how this Westminster grad applies seminary training to the challenges of university administration. Read his alumni profile.

Al LaCour, '78, is a former senior pastor and church planter. Now his claim to fame is being the oldest RUF campus minister (at 58), mentoring international students at Georgia Tech. Read his alumni profile to learn more about this Westminster grad's ministry. Read his alumni profile.

"To be a teacher of the next generation of the church is to touch the future of the church," says Dr. Karen Jobes, '89, '95. In October, she was inaugurated as Gerald F. Hawthorne Professor of New Testament Greek and Exegesis at Wheaton College. Read her profile to learn more about this outstanding graduate. Read her alumni profile.

"Having a solid handle on total depravity is pretty easy for a post-modern adolescent, but being persuaded that God has spoken in Christ, well, that's another story" - part of the conversion story of Dr. Ben Inman, '95, '04, as well as that of many of the students he serves as RUF campus minister at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Read his alumni profile.

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#9.  87% of 2010 M.Div. grads planned to move into ministry positions, including pastoral ministry, missions, or a parachurch ministry!
#10.  New student enrollment increased by 22% in Fall 2010, with a 54% increase in new enrollment in our MDiv program!