NEW Book by Student

December 31, 2010

What do dear friends who grew up together do when one abandons his faith in God for Atheism? They do the obvious. They remain friends! This witty, funny, and intech llectual dialogue follows two young men as they discuss such issues as the possibility of God, Science, Ultimate Reality, and John and Kate Plus 8.

Charles is the bright university student who has chosen to cast off the restraints of religion for free thought, skepticism, and naturalist philosophy. JJ, his dear and beloved friend, has just enrolled in seminary to study for ministry. When JJ hears of Charles' surprising conversion to Atheism, a unique correspondence begins that will challenge both men intellectually. The reader who peers into this conversation will be engaged in one of the most creative and unique debates on Theism and Atheism ever seen.

Letters to Charles: Cordial Letters to and from an Atheist Friend by Jomo K. Johnson, MDiv Student

Jomo K. Johnson is a licensed minister in the PCA and current MDiv student at Westminster Theological Seminary. He holds a BA in Biblical Studies from Beacon University. He serves as Pastor of Philly Open Air Church Plant in Philadelphia and College Minister at New Life Glenside Presbyterian Church in Glenside, PA.  All proceeds for this book will go towards a church plant in N. Philadelphia.

I would like to give a special thanks to Dr. William Edgar and Dr. K. Scott Oliphint for their love of Apologetics and their desire to spread the truth of the Gospel. -- Jomo Johnson

"If you believe in Christian apologetics and know some theory, but long to know what it should look like in practice, an excellent place to begin is Jomo K. Johnson’s Letters to Charles. This lively imagined correspondence from a believer to an atheist covers everything from Chinese philosophy to the First Amendment to human psychology. It even has Van Til writing to C. S. Lewis and Paul dealing with Islam! All of it models a defense of the faith from the perspective of 1 Peter 3:15: “Always be ready.” This timely volume will help us all be better prepared." - Dr. William Edgar, Professor of Apologetics 

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