Security Report

Reporting Campus Crime, Emergencies and Non-Emergencies

The procedure to take when a medical, fire or criminal emergency or non-emergency occurs is as follows:

Step 1:

For any emergency (medical, fire or criminal), immediately call 911.

In case of fire emergencies only: In addition to calling 911, activate the nearest fire alarm pull box by pulling down on the lever to alert others in the building and then exit the building to a safe location.

Any non-emergency incident should be immediately reported to the Cheltenham Township Police Department by calling 215-885-1600.

An emergency is any life-threatening situation—fires, medical emergencies in which an ambulance is needed, and crime situations requiring onsite police response. It would include the following:

  1. Any crime that is in progress or where the offender is still on the scene (or has just left the scene)
  2. All serious violent crimes—homicide, robbery, sexual assault, domestic violence, assault—even if the crime is no longer in progress or the offender has left the scene
  3. All fires and medical emergencies
  4. Home and business intruders (if you see a door or window forced open, do not go in—call 911 from the nearest phone)
  5. Vehicle crashes involving personal injury, major property damage, or traffic tie-ups
  6. Seeing a criminal you know is wanted by the police.

Step 2:

Any emergency or non-emergency (medical, fire or criminal) should be reported to one of the seminary’s Principal Emergency Officers (Dean of Students, Associate Dean and Director of Human Resources), who will, if necessary, assist in contacting the police and medical authorities. (If an emergency or non-emergency is reported to a student or employee other than a Principal Emergency Officer (PEO), that person should immediately report it to one of the PEOs.)

Step 3:

A written report (to be filed with the seminary) must be filled out within 72 hours of the medical, fire or criminal emergency or nonemergency. The PEO will assist in filling out the report.

Procedure to Follow if a Sexual Assault Occurs

Anyone who is the victim of a sexual offense at the seminary should do the following:

Step 1: Get to a place of safety first!

Step 2: Obtain necessary medical treatment. If emergency medical attention is needed, call 911.

Go immediately to a doctor or hospital for treatment of any injuries and for other tests, which can provide important medical evidence. In such situations, individuals should make special effort to preserve evidence which may be necessary to prove criminal conduct. (Ideally, a victim of sexual offense should not wash, douche, use the toilet, or change clothing prior to a medical exam.)

Step 3: Contact one of the seminary’s designated Principal Emergency Officers (PEOs) (Dean of Students, Associate Dean and Director of Human Resources) in a timely manner. If an incident of sexual offense is reported to any other person in the seminary, that person should immediately report to one of the seminary’s Principal Emergency Officers.

Step 4: Fill out a written report (to be filed with the seminary) within 72 hours of sexual offense incident. The PEO will assist the victim to do the following:

  1. Get necessary medical attention.
  2. Contact Cheltenham Township Police, if victim requests this assistance.
  3. Fill out a written report (to be filed with the seminary).

Notifying the police does not obligate the victim to prosecute. Filing a report with the seminary also does not obligate the victim to prosecute. Notifying the police and filing a report will 1) provide the opportunity for collection of evidence helpful in prosecution, which cannot be obtained later and 2) enable the victim to receive at least one free initial counseling session.

The campus community may obtain information concerning registered sex offenders from the PA State Police at

Sexual Offense Involving Two Members of the Seminary

If the sexual offense involves two members of the seminary (students and/or employees), the PEO will conduct an investigation of the incident with input from the Chief Operating Officer (or, if the COO is the accused person, the Vice President for Academic Affairs). The PEO will initiate a disciplinary proceeding whereupon both the accuser and accused will have the right to have others present. The outcome of the disciplinary proceeding will be made known to the accuser and accused.

If it is determined, after thorough investigation, that the accused is guilty of the sexual offense, such person will be subject to appropriate disciplinary and/or corrective measures commensurate with the seriousness of the particular offense or other relevant circumstances, up to, and including, termination of employment and/or expulsion from academic program. The Seminary will also provide options to victims of sexual offense to change their academic and/or on-campus living situation if such changes are reasonably available.

Counseling Services for Victims of Sexual Offense

The seminary has established an agreement with the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation (CCEF) for the initial counseling of any student or employee who has been or believes himself/herself to have been subjected to sexual offense. The seminary will pay the cost of at least the initial visit and possibly, upon recommendation by the Executive Director of CCEF, the cost of subsequent visits. If a student or employee prefers to seek counseling from a source other than CCEF, he/she may request this of the seminary. If approved, the seminary will supply this benefit as described above.

Further on Crime Reporting

If a crime is reported to the Director of Human Resources, the Director of Human Resources will report the crime to Student Affairs for crime statistics disclosure.

In compliance with HEOA requirements, the seminary will, upon written request, disclose to the alleged victim of any crime of violence or a non-forcible sex offense the results of any disciplinary proceeding conducted by the seminary against a student who is the alleged perpetrator of such crime or offense. If the alleged victim is deceased as a result of the crime or offense, the information shall be provided, upon request, to the next of kin of the alleged victim.


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