A Gift Through a Will

Charitable Remainder Trust (by will) TCRT: Donor includes trust provision in will directing that $100,000 be placed in trust for benefit of spouse during spouse's lifetime; Upon spouse's death, trust assets pass to charitable organization. Benefits: Estate tax marital deduction for spouse's income interest and estate tax charitable deduction for value of remainder interest; provides income stream for spouse for life, donor can select experienced trustee to manage the investments for benefit of spouse.Outright Bequest (by will): Donor includes outright bequest of $100,000 to charitable organization in will or a bequest of a percentage of the estate. Benefits: Estate tax deduction for full amount of the bequest.Charitable Lead Trust (by will) TCLT: Donor includes trust provision in will directing the transfer of $100,000 to trust and annual payment of $8,000 to charitable organization for 15 years; at termination of trust, assets to be distributed to donor's children. Benefits: Allows property to be transferred eventually to family beneficiaries at lower transfer tax cost.