Current Projects

Annual Fund - $3,000,000

The annual fund is our largest need of funding and is probably the least understood by most people. It is in a sense, a 'catch-all' category and includes everything from salaries for our faculty and staff to heating, cooling and lighting our classrooms. We try to run a lean operation so that your gifts are used as wisely as possible to help us operate the seminary.

More information on the annual fund will be coming soon.

Funded Scholarships - Needed funding: $1,500,000

Our goal is to raise support for Westminster funded scholarships this year so that we can continue to provide assistance to students preparing for future ministry who might not be able to afford to come to Westminster otherwise. This is currently funded from our general budget fund and support from donors towards scholarships would help us eliminate our expense deficit.

For more information about Westminster Funded Scholarships or other types of Scholarships, please click here.

Carriage House Loft - Needed funding: Approximately $200,000*

In the 2011-2012 Academic Year, we were able to renovate the first floor of the carriage house to provide a place for students to gather in groups for study or to share meals. We are now turning our attention to the second floor of the carriage house, which is used for students to relax, study, have conversations and for Student Association meetings.

More information on what we'd like to do and photos of this project will be coming soon.