Larry E. Puls, MD, Greenville, SC

"...the things I like most about Westminster are its adherence to teaching the truth, as well as teaching the truth to so many foreign students who in turn teach in their homelands all around the globe, as well as its distinctives such as presuppositional apologetics which is so strong at Westminster."


John MaynardJohn I. Maynard, Maitland, FL

Owner of Spinal Dynamics

"The thing I most appreciate about Westminster is its passion for a theology that is faithful to the Scriptures combined with rigorous scholarship and the pursuit of personal piety. This combination is especially difficult to find in our world today and even in the course of world history."

Kenneth WynneKenneth R. Wynne, Houston, TX

Partner, Wynne & Wynne LLP, Houston, Texas

"What I like best about Westminster is its courageous commitment to the truth and sufficiency of God's Word."


John I. Ykema, Media, PA

Vice President and Chief Technology Officer with L-e Communications/SPD Electrical Systems

"What I like best about Westminster is its adherence to the Bible as the authoritative Word of God."

Rex AndersonRex H. Anderson, Jr.,  Villanova, PA

CEO/Owner, Bayuk Graphic Systems, Inc.

"Westminster is distinguished by its resolute commitment to the authority of the Scriptures, to the Reformed faith, and to serious scholarship. By God's grace Westminster plays a strategic role in equipping men and women to advance His Kingdom worldwide. On a personal level, I am thankful for friendships with several faculty members and graduates over the years which have had a profound influence on my own spiritual growth."