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Borrowing an ebook

How do I borrow an ebook from

If you have not already logged into using your library login, you will be prompted to do so. 

Be sure to select Westminster Theological Seminary from the dropdown list.




Browse or search for a book and then click the “Borrow” button.  The book will be added to your checked-out items list.

Borrowing an ebook


You can then choose to download the ebook to your computer, or the device that you are using, or to display it in your browser (if supported by the ebook).

 Once you have checked out an ebook, you will have access to it for 2 weeks, after which your access will automatically expire.

If you would like to continue reading the ebook, you may check it out again if it is available.



How do I authorize my computer, phone, or tablet to read ebooks from

Can I read a book on either my laptop or on my mobile device?

How do I borrow an ebook from

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