Willow Grove Gatehouse

The Willow Grove entrance gatehouse has had a rich history on our campus of providing housing at different times for faculty, students and staff. We have many visitors each year to Westminster but we've not had adequate or comfortable housing for them on our campus. Renovations to the Willow Grove Gatehouse will allow us to provide a more welcoming environment to our guests.

In order for us to convert this living space into guest quarters we are planning the following updates:

Living Room     $2,000
Dining Room     $3,300
Kitchen   $17,000
Back room to ADA compliant guest room and bath   $47,200
Guest bedroom 1     $1,800
Guest bedroom 2     $1,800
Guest suite   $22,500
Upstairs bathroom     $7,300
Basement, new sump system     $5,000
Grounds     $5,000
Hard-wired fire alarm   $17,000
Wireless internet     $2,000
Paint exterior wood   $15,000
Unexpected repairs*     $3,100

*Knowing that any project can have unexpected repairs that need to be made, we have included an extra line for this. Please note that these amounts are preliminary estimates. More specifically detailed pricing is still to be determined.

Here are some photos of the Willow Grove gatehouse prior to the above listed updates. We plan to provide photos and updates as we make progress on our project. Please click on the photo below to see the 'before' images.

Willow Grove Gate