Carriage House Loft

In the 2011-2012 Academic Year, we were able to renovate the first floor of the carriage house to provide a place for students to gather in groups for study or to share meals. We are now turning our attention to the second floor of the carriage house, which is used for students to relax, study, have conversations and for Student Association meetings.

In order for us to convert this living space into guest quarters we are planning the following updates:

ADA Compliant Lift
New Hardwood Floors
Raise ceiling height by removing the current
     dropped ceiling and exposing the beams
Add wainscoting and sheetrock the walls to
     match the first floor.
Upgrade the electrical and lighting system
Furnishings: WTS memorabilia similar to what
     was done on the first floor
Kitchen with furnishings and multimedia
Lounge furnishings and fireplace
Unexpected repairs*      $5,000

*Knowing that any project can have unexpected repairs that need to be made, we have included an extra line for this. Please note that these amounts are preliminary estimates. More specifically detailed pricing is still to be determined.

Here are some photos of the Carriage House Loft prior to the above listed updates. We plan to provide photos and updates as we make progress on our project.