Church Road Gatehouse

Back Patio We are planning the following updates tom improve the lviing conditions of this building:

Painting, minor repairs
Living room, common area furnishings
Kitchen furnishings and supplies
Replace carpets in bedrooms
Bathroom renovations
Improvements to basement laundry area
Install sump pump system

Here are some photos of the Church Road gatehouse prior to the above listed updates. Check back each week for updated photos of the renovations.

Prior to Renovations - June 1, 2012
Click below on the welcome sign picture below to see photos taken of the Church Road Gatehouse prior to the start of renovations. Please note this is a larger file and make take some time to load.

Small Welcome Sign

Week 2 - Lighter and Brigher - June 12, 2012 Broom and Shovel
Demolition has begun! A partition wall in the basement has been removed as well as a partition wall in the front door entryway. The old carpeting on the steps leading up to the second floor is gone and anything left behind has been taken out These first steps in the project have already begun to make the house feel lighter and brighter inside!

To see some of the renovations, please click on the broom and shovel.


Week 3 - Getting closer! - July 10, 2012
Work continues on the kitchen to increase usability of the space for a group of students. Painting has begun in the living room, hallways and bedrooms. The whole house feels cheerier, welcoming and cozy.

To see some of the current updates, please click on the flower.

Red Flower