This can be used for both snow closings/delays or other necessary alerts

  • From the main Admin screen, choose News and Events in the left column.
  • Choose Add Newws/Events
  • Fill in the necessary informaiton on the form as you would for a news or events
  • Select "Display on Front Page"
  • Choose '1' for priority level
  • Give the date of the day for which the alert is for
  • Choose a title starting with "ALERT" (ALERT will not show up in the message unless you add it again - this first "ALERT" [in all caps] triggers the rectangular box with the weather alert that will appear on the home page
  • Select the category: News
  • Use the same content information in description as in content
  • Select "use go-live date" and choose today's date
  • Choose an unpost date of the day after the cancellation (the message will automatically disappear at midnight of the day of cancellation)
  • Save the page



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