Tips & Resources

General Tips

  • You can use BOLD, ITALICS or UNDERLINE to lend emphasis to key points.
  • If you're working on a long page, start in Word first so you always have a backup. 
  • If you’ve typed your document in Word, copy and paste it into Notepad first.  Then copy and paste your text, from Notepad, into the CMS text-edit box*.  This extra step will ensure that the correct font is used for each page.  Fonts were carefully determined before launching the website and we want to keep our fonts consistent.

*Note, if you are using Mozilla Firefox, you may not necessarily be able to use the copy and paste function. Trying a simple test first before writing up a long text document in word could save you a lot of time and frustration.

Resources for Writing on the Web

Bauerlein,M. (September 19, 2008) Online Literacy Is a Lesser Kind. The Chronicle of Higher Education: The Chronicle Review.


#8.  The Montgomery Library contains over 140,000 volumes and regularly receives over 700 periodicals.
#9.  87% of 2010 M.Div. grads planned to move into ministry positions, including pastoral ministry, missions, or a parachurch ministry!