Hermeneutics and Biblical Interpretation

The Doctor of Philosophy Program in Hermeneutics and Biblical Interpretation at Westminster Theological Seminary seeks to advance God’s glory by training people to be leaders who will serve the worldwide church in such callings as teachers, scholars, and pastors.

Full Tuition Scholarships and Assistantships

One full tuition scholarship with an additional stipend and two more full tuition scholarships are offered to each entering class.  In addition, a limited number of teaching assistantships are available, which can enhance a student’s funding.

Unique Westminster Combined Approach to Study

Westminster’s tradition has from the beginning combined an exegetical emphasis with a biblical-theological approach, especially with respect to interpreting biblical passages in the light of the whole canon.  Our approach also includes philosophical hermeneutics and the history of interpretation.  This overall approach is especially emphasized in the doctoral program.

Emphasis on Dissertation Research Together with Classwork

Part of the admissions process is for students to submit a one-half page summary of a dissertation project proposal.  Therefore, from the beginning of the program, students will focus on their dissertations along with the various required classes.  Dissertations should seek to make contributions to biblical scholarship.  The program is designed to be completed in about four years.  

Supervisor – Oriented

From the beginning, students will be assigned a supervisor, and in most cases will work with that supervisor throughout the course of their doctoral studies.  It will not be unusual that students will be teaching assistants for their doctoral supervisors in order to enhance the student-professor relationship.


Through taking classes and seminars together, students will develop an esprit de corp, which will foster a lively community of scholarship and life-long friendships.

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