SS-Registration for Returning Students

This page has been superceded 4.5.2016.

Registration Procedures for Returning Students:
All Programs except DMin, London ThM, and Modular ThM

WINTER 2016 & SPRING 2016

All students, including ThM and PhD students in post-coursework phaseare required to register

Registration is binding! You are responsible for reading the information below and for
choosing the appropriate courses toward fulfillment of your program requirements!


  • ThM and PhD students: If you are in your post-coursework phase, please register for Post-Coursework Phase only. (In Self-Service under Register > Traditional Courses > Section Search, type POST in the "Course Code" field.)
  • Students expecting to graduate in May 2016: You should already have submitted your Graduation Application--a requirement for all students expecting to graduate in 2016! If you have not submitted it, please email right away!
  • Loan Information: Students planning to pay for tuition and fees with a Direct or Graduate PLUS Loan, please see Government Loans for important loan application deadlines.
  • FERPA Rights: Review the Annual Notification of Rights under FERPA.
  • Notes to the Schedule: Please review Notes to the Schedule (below) for important information.

***Registration is finalized by submitting tuition payment to the Finance Office.***


Registration Schedule, Methods, and Fees 

Late Registration Period Add/Drop
Course Withdrawal
Dates Nov 9 - 20

WI16: Nov 21 - Jan 1

SP16: Nov 21 - Jan 15

WI16: See
WI16 Course Schedule

SP16: Feb 8 - 17

WI16: See
WI16 Course Schedule 

SP165: Feb 18 - Apr 18

Method Online only Online only

WI16: In person only
SP16: Online only

Thru Registrar's Office only
Financial Information
No fees apply Late registration
fee applies
Add/drop fees apply Course withdrawal
fees apply


  1. Registration Period: Online activity via Self Service opens at 12:01am of the period's first day and closes at midnight of the period's last day.
  2. Add/Drop Courses: Add/drop for SP16 courses is via Self Service. Add/drop for WI16 courses requires submitting a completed Add/Drop/Withdrawal Request form, which is available in the Registrar's Office.
  3. Withdrawing from Courses: If you wish to withdraw from a WI16 or SP16 course, you must submit a completed Add/Drop/Withdrawal Request form (including professor's initials). This form is available in the Registrar's Office. You will be assigned a "W" for the withdrawn course. If you withdraw from a course(s) after the deadline, you will receive a failing grade.  If you do not live locally, please email for assistance.
  4. Financial Information: Please see the Tuition and Financial Information section of the 2015-16 Academic Catalog (p. 193ff) for tuition payment, fees, and tuition refund information. During the registration period, students may change registration choices without incurring any additional fees.

Registration Resources:

  • Self Service
    • Registering for courses, unofficial transcript and academic plan
  • Loan Information
    • Students planning to pay for tuition and fees with a Direct or Graduate PLUS Loan:  Please see Government Loans for important loan application deadlines.