Reg. DMin "Old" Program

Registration procedures for DMin students who matriculated in 2009-2010 or earlier


Registration is binding!

Preregistration Requirements

Registration and Payment

  • Registration period:
    Begin date: Monday, April 11th
    End date: Students registering for modulesFriday, July 15th
                    All other studentsMonday, August 1st
    Students registering for modules:  During the registration period, you can make changes to your registration choices without paying a drop/add fee.  After the registration period, late registration must be approved by the DMin program director in writing (emailed approval will be accepted).
  • Registration is finalized by making tuition payment to the Finance Office.

Registration Procedures

Students registering for modules:  Follow all steps
All other students:  Follow steps 2 and 4-7

Step 1

Students registering for modules:  Access the D.Min Preview Module Guide in Kees to preview course syllabi and all additional information pertaining to the 2011 D.Min. course modules.  (If you are unable to access Kees, please email

Step 2

All Students: Compare your Unofficial Transcript (in self-service) with the catalog section of your degree program for the year you matriculated(If you are unable to access self-service, please email

Step 3

Students registering for modules:  Review the DMin 2011 Schedule of Classes to determine which course(s) you wish to take. 

Step 4 All Students: Print and complete the DMin Registration Form.
Step 5

All Students: Review the Registration Restrictions listed below.

Step 6

All Students: Submit to the Registrar's office the DMin Registration Form and, if applicable, any Independent Study Request Form

Forms may be submitted within the registration period via: 1) email*, 2) fax*, 3) regular mail* or 4) in person during regular Registrar's Office hours. Please see the Registrar's Office contact information.

*Students are responsible for ensuring that all registration paperwork is submitted to the Registrar's Office by the registration deadline. All mailed, emailed or faxed registrations are subject to review. Registrations must include all necessary forms mentioned above. If any form is missing, registration will not be processed.

Step 7

All Students: Review Tuition Payment Information

Registration Restrictions
The following students will not be able to register:

  1. Students who have not submitted a Race/Ethnicity Survey Form to the Student Affairs Office ( The form should be submitted to the Student Affairs Office before registering.
  2. Students who have been placed on "hold" by the Finance Office, the Library, the Student Affairs Office or the Registrar's Office. Students should make sure that all issues are resolved so that any "hold" status has been removed.

Post Registration - for students registering for modules only

  • Late Registration Period:
    Late registration must be approved by the DMin program director in writing (emailed approval will be accepted).  If approved, a late registration fee will apply.  No student is permitted to register after the first day of the module.
  • Module "Drop" deadline: First day of module
    You must submit a Drop/Add Request form to the Registrar's Office.  (This form is available in Machen Hall at the front reception desk or the Registrar's Office.)  Regular drop/add fees apply.
  • Course Withdrawal Period:
    Begin date
    : Second day of module
    End date: December 15th for PR1 module. 
                    November 15th for all other modules
    You must submit a completed Course Withdrawal Request form (including professor's signature) to the Registrar's Office. (This form is available in Machen Hall at the front reception desk or the Registrar's Office. Contact at least one week prior to the deadline if you need to submit your request electronically.)  You will be assigned a "W" for the withdrawn course. If you withdraw from a course(s) after the withdrawal deadline, you will receive a failing grade.