Outside Scholarships General Information


General Information

Current and prospective students are encouraged to apply for scholarships provided by organizations outside of Westminster. The scholarships categorized under the tabs above represent a sampling of scholarships for which seminary students may by eligible. We also encourage students to search the web, where additional sources of aid may be found.
For additional outside scholarship information please see the following links:


The Fund
Roothbert Fund

College Answer




Disciples Home Missions
Scholarship Spotlight


Financial Aid Reference Materials
Up-to-date and thorough financial aid reference books are available at the Financial Aid Office. These include:

  • Financial Aid for African Americans
  • Financial Aid for Asian Americans
  • Financial Aid for Hispanic Americans
  • Financial Aid for Native Americans
  • Directory of Financial Aids for Women
  • Money for Christian College Students

For your convenience, these helpful works may be checked out; just sign your name on the "FA Books" sign-out sheet located on the Financial Aid Assistant's desk. Note that some entries in the list below have been extracted from the very applicable "Money for Christian College Students" (MCCS).